Homily for Fourth Sunday of Lent – Year B

Theme: Accepting or Rejecting the Light The fourth Sunday of Lent is sometimes called Laetare Sunday. Laetare is a Latin word that means “rejoice”. Even as we observe the discipline and sacrifices of Lent, we […]

Blessed Virgin Mary

Solemnity of the Annunciation

The feast of the Annunciation, now recognized as a solemnity, was first celebrated in the fourth or fifth century. Its central focus is the Incarnation: God has become one of us. From all eternity God […]


Ash wednesday, Year A

‘The candle that is just smoking, not lit, still has life in it; it still has hope in it. If a neighbour, family member or friend is in a very bad situation or mood, our […]


6th Sunday, Year A

Any new movement or community which emerges from an older tradition has to face the problem of its own identity and direction. How different is it from the old community? How similar? One of the […]


Valentine’s Day

A few years ago, I was invited to speak to young university students at a valentine’s day party. In that speech, I pointed out that the February 14 feast commemorated two Valentines: the first a […]


3rd Sunday of the year A

The people who lived in darkness have seen a great light; on those who dwelt in darkness and the shadow of death, a light has dawned. These beautiful words came from the mouth of Isaiah. […]